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D2M Solutions Becomes Middle East Reseller for Desktop Metal

January 8, 2018 7:20 pm

D2M Solutions, headquartered in Dubai, has been a pioneer in providing additive manufacturing technologies that are disrupting conventional product development processes and transforming industrial companies in major sectors such as Aerospace, Industrial Machinery, Defense, Oil & Gas, Consumer Goods and more, has announced that it has become the Middle East’s reseller of Desktop Metal’s range of metal 3D printing systems.

Alexander Papantoniou, Managing Director at D2M Solutions, said: “We are extremely excited to have signed Desktop Metal as a supplier. It’s truly impressive what it can do. D2M Solutions has held off offering additive metal manufacturing until we felt there was a viable solution on the market in terms of practicability and cost, however, with this innovative Desktop product, we now feel confident to offer 3D metal printing. It presents a lot of new engineering and functional benefits, design opportunities and more. It is a huge technology change, which for the first time allows the usage of metal additive manufacturing in an office environment, including the heat sintering furnace. Desktop Metal’s machines are fast, great value, and offer a wide variety of materials.”

“The first printers are from its Studio System range, which allows in-office printing of metal parts in a fast, effective manner. Within the metal printing space, it offers exciting, new opportunities for our market. It will be the first time our customers will be able to cost effectively produce metal 3D printing parts for rapid prototyping, tooling, test parts or even in some cases final parts, next to their desk.”

D2M Solutions will be selling and supporting the Studio System when it becomes available in mid 2018 throughout the middle east, and the Production System when it becomes available at a later date. Alexander continues: “As our customers continue to innovate at an increased pace, it’s exciting to see the growing potential of this technology as we continue to strive towards offering the region’s most advanced technologies.”

The Studio System has an extremely compact footprint and a build area of 300 x 200 x 200mm. It can print 16 cm3/hr and can print layers as thin as 50μm. The Studio System printer has dual, quick-release print heads, hot swappable media cartridges for easy materials changes, and a software-controlled workflow which automatically calculates debinding and sintering plans for each job.

D2M Solutions integrates a range of products and services to effectively manage the digital transformation of industrial enterprises. From capturing innovation and securing IP, to “on demand” digital manufacturing and factory automation, we have a unique approach and knowledge that delivers sustainable end to end solutions for our customers.

Customers wanting to find out more about the Desktop Metal range of products available from D2M Solutions should email sales@d2m-solutions.com or call +971 4 3793935.