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D2M Solutions offers a range of solutions, both hardware (3D laser scanning, and 3D printing for architectural models) and software (Dassault PLM solutions and Digital Project) that are valuable tools for the AEC sector to enhance the development of new buildings and projects and differentiate in this sector.

With the addition of Paradigm 3D (http://paradigm3d.com) to the D2M company structure, we are now also able to cater to customers’ needs for on-demand 3D printed models, by using our service bureau.


Architects can use the advanced functionality of PLM to manage and control their projects and deliver even the most complex constructions to critical deadlines and according to budget. Engineering changes and customer requests can be quickly incorporated within the 3D environment of the digital building model and all the data is updated providing immediate feedback concerning costs and feasibility. PLM can manage all buildings systems (MEP) and therefore the 3D model ensures that errors and collision of different building systems can be avoided and buildings can be constructed accurately according to the complete data, avoiding expensive and time-consuming rework.

Architecture & Construction – Managing complexity with 3DEXPERIENCE and CATIA by Dassault Systems

SHoP Architects and SHoP Construction (SC), collectively known as SHoP, chose Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE application for virtual product design, CATIA, to design and develop an integrated 3D model of the Barclays Center arena which would provide detailed data for off-site fabrication and on-site construction coordination.

Architects and interior designers, who are creating quality 3D models, can use the CAD data to create 3D architectural models directly from their offices. D2M solutions provides a range of 3D printers for conceptual models and rapid prototyping systems for checking form, fit and function of parts and components that can be used by companies producing interior fixtures and fittings and parts and components for furniture. The easy to use 3D printers allow for improved visualization of architectural design models and create durable physical models for customer approvals, exhibitions and displays and even urban planning layouts.

3D laser scanning is used in numerous ways by the AEC sector. Architects and construction companies are using 3D scanning for quality assurance purposes during the construction process, checking that every stage is completed according to the design data. The geometry of interior spaces can be captured for customized fit-outs which significantly reduces the time required to create interiors and possible errors can be eliminated. Companies involved in design and engineering of facades can shave weeks of their project times by using 3D laser scanning to successfully capture building surfaces that can be used to make façade refits, and customized facades. The accuracy of the geometry is ensured and 3D laser scanning can greatly assist companies to achieve a competitive advantage through quick response times and accurate costing of projects.


Architecture, Engineering & Construction

The AEC industry has developed into one of the most demanding industries in the global economic sphere, primarily due to the fact that customers are constantly looking to make a statement by pushing engineering and design boundaries to the limits.

This has created a unique set of challenges which can be summarized by the following points:

  • Customers are constantly demanding more “unique” and challenging designs.
  • Projects need to be delivered on time and on budget, with ever decreasing margins, so the space for error is much smaller.
  • Designers need to be able to offer quick iterations of designs, to adapt to changing demands by the customer.
  • Projects need to be costed as accurately as possible at the earliest possible time.
  • International competition for large projects is increasing.

D2M Solutions offers a range of solutions, both hardware (long range 3D laser scanning, and 3D printing for architectural models) and software (Dassault 3D Experience Platform) that are valuable tools for the AEC sector to enhance the development of new buildings and projects and differentiate.

The ability to quickly and effectively demonstrate concepts at an early stage, meeting project deadlines on time and to budget, are key factors that influence the successful completion of an AEC project. D2M Solutions has created a comprehensive offering that allows our customers to quickly develop very detailed 3D models of complex structures and then use either a physical prototype (3D printing) and a virtual prototype (3D Visualization) to receive instant design approval for complex decisions.


Façade design for fabrication. (3D experience platform)

Solution Description: The Facade Design for Fabrication ISE is about developing conceptual models of buildings and extending the façade through the design, the fabrication, and into the construction phase. Plan the building using dynamic tools that validate requirements as you go, then detail the shape, the pattern, and the structure of the façade using comprehensive design tools that enable the design model to be extended into shop drawings and BOMs.

Additionally by using the advanced capabilities of CATIA 3D CAD software, it is now very easy for a single user to make a very detailed façade design with a click of a button using the powerful “knowledgeware” functionality. The following video demonstrates how this is done:

3D printing for early concept visualization and architectural models.

3D Printing is the easiest way for designers, construction companies and architects to bring their digital creations to life. It not only facilitates the communication process between the different actors, it also provides an impressive sales/marketing tool to explain complex ideas to customers (which might not always be visible on a computer screen).
With our range of durable thermoplastic (ABS plastic) printers, we are able to easily produce models in an office environment, quickly and very cost effectively. The systems also require minimal user maintenance and a quick training in order to be able to start printing.
Finally, we have had great success creating some of the most impressive maquettes in the region with our various partners, who prefer the durability and look of ABS over many of our competitors. The models will also not degrade over time, which makes them perfect for profession model builders.

Long range scanning for surveying of complex structures.

With building designs becoming more and more complicated over the years (due to better design capabilities and more advanced materials) it has become increasingly difficult to capture the geometries of complex shapes with traditional systems.

Our solution to this is to use a long-range 3d scanner which allows for the capture of over a million points per second (versus a single point measurement with traditional systems) which allows the complete surface to be captured. We then use this data along with dedicated quality control software to superimpose it onto the BIM (or CAD) model in order to receive instant reports on the as-built status of a project. This cuts out the human error of making manual reading and allows for a single person to perform the quality control over a very large area, vastly increasing the efficiency of the process.

VR-Walls for visualization of CAD data in an immersive environment.

With the addition of a VR-Wall, end user can easily load CAD data from their CAD system and perform immersive presentations or walkthroughs, either to clients or for internal design development or approval. Models can be visualized in 1:1 scale and a number of animations can be placed in the environment in order to give the end user a fully immersive experience.

This can lead to the reduction or removal of the need for physical 1:1 prototypes which is an extremely time consuming and costly experience.


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