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When students have designed their own product and printed a 3D model, they see their ideas become reality. Using 3D CAD, 3D printing and easy-to use 3D scanning, students can be challenged to create ideas for new products and begin to understand the fundamentals of design and manufacturing.
Leading educational institutes are concerned with providing their students with a high quality learning experience through an exciting, informative curriculum. Education in the engineering disciplines needs to be relevant and current, taking into account new technologies, enterprise tools and latest developments so that students are ready to play a role in industrial enterprises. Students entering the work force will be at an advantage if they have already been introduced to the real technologies used to create leading products and will be industry-ready and equipped with valuable knowledge that will help them become the engineers and innovators of the future.

University Engineering Centres of excellence

D2M Solutions is experienced in offering a complete solution for Universities that want to establish an Engineering Centre of Excellence. The solution incorporates the latest rapid design to manufacturing technologies to ensure that Universities are preparing their students to play a valuable role in the work force. The Engineering Centre of Excellence provides the capability to take on advanced R & D projects and collaborate with other academia, and industries, either local or international

PLM for Academia – PLM V6 Discover

Dassalt systems, the leading supplier of PLM technologies worldwide, has create a complete suite of solutions that are tailored made for academia to get involved with virtual design, digital manufacturing, realistic simulation and collaborative innovation. PLM Discover is a single integrated software package combining powerful product development tools: design software (3D CAD), market leading manufacturing software and robot/machining programming tools, (CAM), easy to use analysis (CAE), and collaborative product (PDM) and project data management. Students can collaborate in dispersed connected teams as they would in the real world, and have access to team projects with partner institutions globally.

In addition to its academic product offering Dassault Systemes has a dedicated academic website www.academy.3ds.com which contains additional materials for educators and students.

Early Start technologies for schools

Due to the considerable adoption success of schools curriculum and projects utilizing 3D CAD design and 3D printing there is continuous interest to standardize on these technologies within the curriculum. A recent EU report has expressed the urgency of teaching 3D printing and 3D scanning in schools in order to build future engineers to bolster the manufacturing industry. Both UK and USA have been running programs of introducing these technologies to schools programs with subsidized funding for equipment.

Solutions for: Universities, Centres of Excellence, (COEs), Schools, Technical and Vocational colleges.



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