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The more complex industrial products and assemblies a company produces will increase the need for advanced technologies in order to optimize all stages of their design through to manufacturing, quickly respond to customer or market demands and only produce the highest quality products. Fortunately, there are now customized and dedicated solutions to address the needs of industrial equipment manufacturers that can provide a great competitive advantage. Read more to see how companies are shaving time off their time to profit.
New product development based on a PLM platform will allow for secure collaboration with customers, suppliers and remote company divisions. Within one integrated platform, companies can take control of all product data and the product lifecycle to streamline their operations, reduce costs and better compete in the global market. Dassault Systemes has created a PLM solution for companies who are manufacturing industrial equipment which provides all the functionality they require to create high quality industrial equipment through an enterprise approach which can completely change the way new products are brought to market.
A PLM system can be used to create and manage:

  • 3D life like visualization of the digital product, (concept, design, detailed engineering, simulation, analysis, and virtual prototyping and manufacturing);
  • Detailed product technical documentation; assembly instructions with exploded 3D models;
  • Quality assurance data for compliance with standards,
  • BOM, Bill-of-materials,
  • Re-use of design/engineering/manufacturing data to save time in new product development
  • Product data for after service and maintenance, training manuals etc…
  • Corporate intellectual property

In addition to investing in a PLM enterprise platform, companies can utilize additional technologies to further enhance their product development. 3D scanning for reverse engineering and quality control and assurance helps to maintain the accuracy of parts and components and facilitate easier assembly set-up of complex machinery. Quality assurance and its documentation through data capture, is an efficient way to prove accuracy to the customer (and CAD-to-part comparison), and have a traceable record of the parts and components produced which is important for after service, and manufacturers liability.

New innovations in producing parts and components

Some parts and components that have traditionally been produced in metal can nowadays be created with direct digital manufacturing (or additive fabrication) using Stratasys 3D Production Systems in durable plastics. DDM can also produce customized jigs, fixtures and parts that are too difficult to produce with traditional manufacturing methods. DDM is also being used to rapidly create metal forming and manufacturing tools in hours. The durable tools are very cost effective to make and give the engineer far more flexibility to customize the parts he requires to a perfect fit.

Read more to hear how companies are using advanced and innovative applications of DDM to enhance their product development process.

Solutions for : Industrial equipmentcompanies manufacturing production or processing machinery, construction equipment, HVAC and R, power and automation tools, metal working and sheet metal manufacturing and metal components,Rapid production, development and manufacture of industrial equipment: 3D visualization; 3D design; 3D virtual analysis, simulation, optimization, prototyping and manufacturing; Product lifecycle Manufacturing, Reverse Engineering and Quality Control, Rapid production of parts, IP conservation, modular and generative mechanical design.

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