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D2M Solutions can offer a range of 3D laser scanning and 3D visualisation solutions that are invaluable tools for the creation of multimedia materials; animations, advertisements, realistic screen sets, video games etc.
Using the latest 3D data capture technologies it is possible to very quickly create realistic digital environments that can be used for film-making using the real location scenes for exciting movie content. It is a very quick way of creating characters and scenery that can be animated and used it multiple ways for the multimedia sector. People, animals or scenery can be quickly recreated in digital form and the data can be used in films, training manuals and instructional educational materials. Multimedia firms can offer a more exciting experience to their customers using advanced technologies and very quickly react to customer requirements.
Virtual reality can be used in the film computer gaming industries to create virtual depictions of real objects, people and historical scenes. Also, fantasy worlds can be created virtually with the assistance of scanned data from real life, giving rise to new ways of film making.3D data capture technologies can provide a great competitive advantage and additionally opens new creative avenues for the multimedia artist to stretch his imagination and innovativeness.

New technology trends in multimedia production

In addition to 3D scanning and 3d visualization software, multimedia companies can also use 3D printers to create a physical model of characters or other objects, where no original exists to be scanned. These 3D models can be painted, scanned and used for further animation work with the dedicated software to bring them to life. In addition to the advertising, and games industries 3D printed models can be used for training purposes and have found an important role in teaching of medical procedures whereby access to the real-life situation is not always possible for students.

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Solutions for: film-making, animations, advertising, video games, training and educational materials.3D visualization, 3DVIA, virtual reality software, 3D laser scanning, 3D printing, 3D animation.

3D Printing for Media and Entertainment

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