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Ships and even mega or luxury yachts are very complex assemblies, comprising numerous parts, components and systems (hull, interior spaces, electrical/mechanical/propulsion systems, propellers and engines parts, components etc). They contain huge amounts of product data (design, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance) that needs to be managed throughout the whole product lifecycle. The industry is facing competitive challenges to reduce design to manufacturing time, whilst maintaining the production of innovative and high quality vessels which are produced through an extended supply chain.

Shipbuilding Design

Contemporary shipbuilders – designers and manufactures often collaborate with a number of suppliers and service companies to produce the final product. Therefore it is important to base new product development on an integrated single PLM platform that securely provides for remote collaboration and real time access to the latest updated product data. TheDassault Systemes industry dedicated solution “On Time To Sea” addresses these needs by providing an integrated program management suite with dedicated marine and offshore industry-required features.

Many vessels are built to order, with tailored features and capabilities that make each ship a one-of-a-kind endeavour. With the On Time To Sea Experience you can manage and track contracts and requirements throughout the project lifecycle. You have traceability and an efficient means to ensure that all contract and requirement items are accessible to appropriate team members. If the client requests any changes, you can quickly and easily see the impact they will have on the entire project in terms of design and schedule. On Time To Sea enables you to monitor a vessel’s compliance to international and national marine classification rules.

Read more to see how yacht manufactures and repair companies are utilizing 3D scanning for quality control and assurance, retrofits and rebuilds. 3D scanning helps to remove human errors and speeds project completion times by rapidly capturing the vessel geometry for a wide number of applications. Also, direct digital manufacturing can be used for producing parts for yacht interiors and specifically where customized low volume parts are required. D2M Solutions can also offer technologies for rapid manufacture of metal parts which can be an effective way to produce spare parts, extinct parts and low volume requirements.

Solutions for: Shipbuilding, Mega and Luxury yachts, Ship repairs and maintenance, marine equipment, parts & components, Offshore plant, & submarines.

3D visualization, 3D design, analysis, simulation, optimization, manufacturing; Product lifecycle Management, (PLM), Reverse Engineering and Quality Control, Rapid manufacturing of parts.

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