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Rapid Prototyping

Make better products faster

Rapid prototyping helps companies turn great ideas into successful products faster than ever before. 3D printing your prototypes directly from CAD data enables fast, frequent revisions based on real-world testing and feedback.

To designers, engineers and product managers, rapid prototyping systems are invaluable. If you are trying to justify the cost of purchasing a 3D Printing System, Download the following whitepaper titled “How to justify the cost of rapid prototyping” from the whitepaper section in Stratasys Design Series.


Additive Manufacturing

Augment and transform traditional manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is a term used nearly interchangeably with 3D printing. This term is used because in 3D printing products are built layer by layer in an additive way, as opposed to machining a form that is a subtractive method of manufacturing. Additive Manufacturing with a 3D printer lets you design and manufacture products in completely new ways – that would not be possible with traditional manufacturing.


Production Parts

Embrace rapid manufacturing

One of the rewards of the 3D printing revolution is the ability to begin production without the delay and expense of tooling, and to produce customized, geometrically complex products free from traditional manufacturing constraints. Now you can realize revenue without time-consuming inventory management. With in-house, on-demand production, inventory becomes a digital file at your fingertips. The wide range of production materials is constantly growing, so you can choose a material best suited for your 3D printed production parts. Additive Manufacturing is very cost-effective when low-volumes or customized parts are required.