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3D Printing amazing possibilities in manufacturing with Stratasys 3D Production Systems! D2M Solutions being leading 3D Printer supplier in Dubai, U.A.E, Saudi Arabia-Middle East supplies Direct digital manufacturing (DDM) which is a manufacturing process which manifests physical parts directly from 3D CAD files or data using additive fabrication (AF), also known as additive manufacturing (AM), techniques. As the speed, reliability, and accuracy of the hardware improves, additive manufacturing may replace or complement traditional manufacturing in creating end-use products.

D2M_about_icon_hAdditive Manufacturing is used for:

Fabrication & Assembly Testing (FAT)

Manufacturing tools, such as jigs, fixtures, drill guides, and check gauges can be quickly and cost-effectively produced with Fortus additive fabrication systems — a process called direct digital manufacturing or rapid manufacturing. This process eliminates machining or tooling, shaving months of time and tens of thousands of dollars per component.

End-User Parts (EUP)

For low-volume manufacturing, traditional methods of making production parts are evolving. Instead of machining parts or cutting a tool for molding, Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a cost-effective and simpler alternative. Now the production process can start as soon as the part’s CAD file is sent to an additive fabrication machine. Although the part aesthetics are different from an injection-molded part, accuracy and strength are comparable. Additive Manufacturing takes a step out of the product development process, speeding up the production cycle and the products time-to-market remarkably.

Production, without the line

Imagine production without the oppressive costs and time requirements of tooling. Make changes quickly and affordably — at any stage in the production cycle. Create low–volume assembly fixtures and jigs directly from CAD data.

Color and multi-material 3D printing

Connex3 was the first 3D printer in the world to simultaneously 3D print multiple colors and materials. Today it remains alone in its class with a broader set of capabilities that amplify its advantages.

Variety and Versatility

Bring agility and aesthetics to every stage of product development and production. Based on PolyJet Technology, Connex3 offers amazing surface smoothness, fine details and the widest range of material properties available in a 3D printer.

A Multitude of Materials

For parts that require a range of mechanical, optical or thermal properties – like non-slip grips, transparent windows, flexible hinges or heat-resistant surfaces – Connex3 can vary material properties within a single print job.

Fast, Flexible Color

Stratasys Creative Colors Software, powered by Adobe 3D Color Print Engine, blends new color capabilities with a hassle-free workflow. Produce smooth three-color gradients and vivid multi-color textures based on the color information in your original CAD file, and/or graphic elements added right in Adobe Photoshop. The software recommends the closest visual match, and provides realistic previews to eliminate the guesswork.

Detail and Realism

Create precise threading or crisp tracking codes directly from CAD. With 16-micron layer resolution, you can see, touch, test and perfect every detail.

Great Throughput

With a spacious build envelope and the ability to vary materials within a single print job, you can pack a tray with assorted parts to power through tool and prototype production.


Spend less time processing parts. PolyJet models are smooth, beautiful and ready to handle without additional curing or post-processing. Soluble support material lets you clean undercuts and internal voids with minimal effort.

Cost Performance

High throughput and an efficient workflow optimize your productivity, so Connex3 achieves a low cost of ownership per part.

Additive manufacturing is where the world is going, and nothing will get you there faster than the truly transformative 3D production systems from Stratasys:



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