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Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (PCMM): HandyPROBE


Next The new generation handheld optical coordinate measuring machine (PCMM)


The latest HandyPROBE, the complete HandyPROBE Next system where manufacturers and production managers can use portable measurement technologies to enable considerably greater flexibility and efficiency in performing quality control (QC) operations directly on the production floor. The HandyPROBE Next™ portable CMM provides measurement accuracy that is insensitive to the instabilities of any environment. Free of any rigid measurement setup, the portable CMM outperforms traditional portable CMMs on the shop floor.

The complete HandyPROBE Next system has the unique ability to perform real-time dynamic referencing of its scanning and probing devices as well as on targets of the object that is being inspected. The C-Track optical tracker and wireless probe can be moved at any time during the measurement sequence and generate the same high-quality data. Specifically designed to answer today’s manufacturing quality requirements, the HandyPROBE Next portable optical coordinate measuring machine offers unmatched flexibility and a wider measurement volume than other portable CMMs.

This complete and efficient metrology inspection solution helps manufacturing companies removes out inefficiencies in the manufacturing process and avoid unnecessary expenses.

New Features:

  • 2X more accurate
  • Instant measurement
  • Greater volume of 16.6 m3 (586 ft3)
  • Sturdy design for shop floor hardware reliability
  • Multi-function buttons for easier interaction with the software

The Complete Solution

The Complete Solution for Dimensional Inspection in Quality Control Applications

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The New HandyPROBE

Application & Benefits


    • Metrology-grade measurements: accuracy of up to 0.020 mm (0.0008 in.), high repeatability and traceable certificate
    • Dynamic referencing: optical reflectors are used to create a reference system that is “locked” to the part itself, so users can move the object any way they want during measurement
    • Volumetric accuracy of 0.064 mm (0.0025 in.) (ASME B89.4.22 standard)
    • Single point repeatability of 0.044 mm (0.0017 in.) (ASME B89.4.22 standard)
    • Accurate measurement of parts ranging from 0.2 to 10 meters (0.7 to 33 feet) in size
    • No accuracy drift over time In your quality control with the easy field calibration procedure


    • Optimized for use on the shop floor
    • Portable CMM: the system can be easily brought wherever the part is
    • Portable CMM case: the system, tripod and accessories fit into a single, portable carrying case
    • No physical link between the probe and the system for maximum versatility


    • No rigid setup required: the part and the system can be moved freely at any time during measurement
    • Greater and easily extendable measurement volume
    • Automatic alignment: optical reflectors allow for repetitive inspections without realignment
    • Ergonomic, wireless probe
    • Optional 3D scanning capabilities by adding the MetraSCAN 3D
    • Multi-function buttons for easier interaction with the software
    • Short learning curve and intuitive operation