D2M Solutions is Unique


Reflect ADS innovates using D2M Solutions’ 3D technologies

Reflect ADS, an Auto Design Solutions company based in Dubai, UAE uses 3D technology services such as 3D scanning and 3D printing, provided by Paradigm 3D – the services division of D2M Solutions, to create innovative & complex aero performance parts for Ford cars.


The team at Reflect ADS considered various options and leaned towards opting for the latest innovative solutions such as 3D printing and 3D scanning. Why did they choose Paradigm 3D of all competitors? After a lot of research, they found a perfect match in Paradigm 3D as a local partner who shared their vision to create complex parts at high quality but affordable rates. The Paradigm 3D team’s approach to being flexible was also a crucial part in attaining what they’ve achieved so far, says Haroon, CEO, Reflect ADS.


Reflect ADS derived inspiration from top automotive manufacturers to use the latest technologies. They opted for 3D scanning a real car instead of the traditional method of clay modeling and having approached numerous CNC machining companies and being rejected for the complexity of the designs, Additive manufacturing / 3D printing turned out to be lifesaving in terms of ease of printing complex parts at affordable prices and saving material. Their passion for American muscle cars has driven them to innovate and create amazing performance kits for these cars.


Visit their website to understand how they are using our technologies: http://mantisme.com/technology.html